Crash Retrieval
A crash retrieval is a coordinated effort do retrieve a downed aircraft, spacecraft, rocket or missile usually for the purpose of studying both the aircraft and the reason for the crash. The most common crash retrievals are those undertaken after the crash of commercial aircraft. The crash sites are meticulously mapped out and all the wreckage is transported to a facility for analysis. The military carries out its own crash retrieval operations to retrieve downed military hardware.

There have also been a number of alleged UFO crashed retrievals, but most are not taken seriously. However, at the onset of the modern era in ufology there was a crash retrieval operation carried out near Roswell New Mexico USA which was initially reported by the USAF to have been of a crashed disk. The USAF later changed its story, maintaining that they had retrieved a weather balloon. In the decades following the Roswell incident, a number of ufologists gathered testimony from witnesses who maintain that the weather balloon story was a cover up for the real thing.

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